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Judas Priest- Angel of Retribution


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I'm not supposed to be posting here until my grades are back up, which may be another month or two. However, no one has yet posted about this album and I feel it must be done. This album is the best heavy metal album that I have heard since Appetite for Destruction dropped. A long time? Yes. Worth it? Even more. The band fire on all cylinders. KK Downing and Glenn Tipton have some of the most masterful guitar work I have ever heard on a hard rock album. And of course the focal point of the album is the return to the band of The Metal God himself, and he proves why that is his nickname. The screams blow the shit out of that pansy Ripper Owen. If anyone here ever doubted the talent of the Metal God pick up this album. These songs are absolutely rockin. Judas Rising is the best song Judas Priest have written since the early 80s. The album rocks straight through. Buy this album.

See y'all round later!

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Yeah amazing album.

Im going to concert with Judas Priest in one week, in Oslo, norway :D .

They are awsome!! :krider:

btw this boy in my class had`nt heard of them and thaght they were called

Judas Christ!!! :ph34r:

Thats pretty stupid :chef:

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