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Creedence Clearwater


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Well, my dad loves them. I like some songs. Like, Bad moon rising. :P

Hehe...so does my dad. I to like some of the songs but i haven't really heard enogh to say that i love them? They have a couple of nice songs and John Fogerty has a sweet voice but besides that i don't really give thme to much of my time

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I cant think they are any good without fogerty...

to me he is creedence

I don't know, dude sounded good to me. I admit though, I'm not a total hardcore fan, so I may not be as critical as the next guy. What a great party atmosphere though. Everyone was dancing and singing, standing on top of the picnic tables, no matter what age they were.

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i guess they are a "daddy" band :P because my dad also likes them, i know a few songs, theyre pretty good, i should listen to them more.

it was my dad who got me into them...

he likes them more than me and I really like them...

I don't think there are many guys over 40 who dosn't like them

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guess!!!! my dad loves them jaja...so I 'd heard few songs like travelin band, proud mary, have you ever seen the rain and susie Q....I like them :)

The Stones did a kickass version of Susie Q. My favourite CCR song is Who'll Stop The Rain -- Now, that's kickass! Go Cosmo!

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CCR rule. They did so many great songs in such a short amount of time. I went to a John fogerty concert last week and I got to say that he was great. he is extremly fit for a 60 year old. I can just imagine how good he was in his prime. The show was great evan though 3 chord swamp rock intendes to get boring after 2,5 hours

Fotunate son is the ultimate war war song

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