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Missing the old rock n roll

Guns for life

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I think the new rock n roll lacks of energy, danger and all the good things rock n roll is meant to have, now the new rock is more like pop and soft

I dont think motley crue totally suck, my point is that now its happening the same thin that bon jovi did at the end of the 80's if u know what i mean

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AAAA-Mothafuckin-MEN homey... i have felt this way about music for probably the last 10 years........ exactly... couldn't agree more... rock is definately NOT dangerious anymore... and when it appears to be to the naked, untrained, un-gn'r eye, it comes off as completely fake and geared exclusively toward 11 yr. olds or super-consumer hipster losers. yeah, seriously, fuck rock music of today and yesteryear + 10.

ps... i just thought of this... not ALL rock music has been tamed, imo... most, but there are a few exceptions (actual metal bands like pantera, white zombie, etc.)

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