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Bruce Springsteen


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What do you think of him?

i found his Greatest Hits at my parents,and i grabbed it for, at first just because of "Streets of Philadelphia", i love that song...

but i listened through it,and he had some fucking great songs!!!

my favourits are (from the top of my head...might not me complete)

-Born to run


-The River (<-- so fucking amazing)

-Hungry Heart

-Born in the USA

-My Hometown

-Glory Days

-Streets of Philadelphia

so what do you think of him?

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I like his songs but he got annoying to me after a while.I don't know why.But I could always listen to Glory Days.Really great,simple song. My Hometown is cool .The greatest hits doesn't have 10th avenue freezeout which in my eyes is one of his best.

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I wasn't really ever into Springsteen when I was younger.Until I dated a guy whose mum just adored him.She would always make me listen to a few songs when I came round.

Then last year while I was in Chicago.The bar I hung out in,the owner Pat was a huge Springsteen fan and the jukebox was full of him.So while Limo was closing up,he would stick on Springsteen Dvds and we would drink Jager bombs til dawn.

I have grew to appreciate The Boss now.

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I was raised on the Boss, so I've always loved his music. 8-13-03, I finally got to see him live in Chicago with the E Street Band. Those guys fucking rock rock1

Devils & Dust, Bruce's latest solo work, hit shelves April 26th. Buy it. It will own massively.

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