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If a Tour ever happens....


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I'd like to see Aerosmith open for them... a band that's stayed together and rocked several generations .. cool.

Or Pearl Jam would be good - 'tho I don't see this happening as I don't think Axl and Eddie (Vedder) saw eye to eye on things.  Or Metallica, which as you all know did tour with GNR in the past.

(As you can see, I'd prefer to have an opening band that has a history and reputation rather than one of these one-hit-wonder nu-metal and other bands currently hitting the circuit).

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It would actually be pretty smart to put a band like Puddle of Mudd or Papa Roach on the bill with GN'R...it'll attract more younger people and GN'R's stage show would definitely turn them into fans...get even more people into them

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