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It really is puzzling


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I have been a huge gnr fan for 15 years. They were played everyday by me for many years. I have seen them live many times. I have to say that while I will still buy the new album IF it ever comes out, a big IF…. AXL is one self-centered mental case. To think that this guy would put on a tour after such a long break, then still be late to every gig, iF he even bothered to show up. If you want to tour, show up, and show up at a reasonable time…if not, stay hidden like you have been for soooo long. Make your mind up and stick with it. You deserve to play to half full shows, etc. You waited tooo long, and you don’t even have a new album. Put out the freakin’ album already, then tour and show up for the gigs..is that too hard?

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I think the reason there was minimul promotion is probably because they wernt getting any more money from interscope or whoever!

I think the whole reason we had this tour is so they could promote the GNR name.... Let ppl know that they are back! Good, Bad, whatever publicity they can get.... we all know it's easier to get bad publicity dont we! This tour brought mixed results... They did some GREAT shows! BUT did you see that in the news?! NO!

No matter how good a show they do they still wont get the publicity they deserve!

So... we will wait for the album now!  :)

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