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Who's your favourite drummer?


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Mine is Keith Moon. Man, that drumming after the final chorus in Won't Get Fooled Again is fucking amazing, and he gets his synthesizer/drum solo near the end. Second one is John Bonham, because of his loud, crazy drumming.

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Lars Ulrich is my favorite. He's funny, and he's cocky. And before anyone starts talking shit about Lars' talent (or lack thereof), let me remind you all.. I said he is my FAVORITE drummer, not the best drummer.

In that case, then Ringo Starr is my fav. Man, he was in the bathroom when the recording of Hey Jude began, and arrived just in time to play his best drum fill ever. Also he could sing well, and was funny.

But the hightlight is Tomorrow Never Knows! Rock on!

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Guest Conga Fissure

Stephen Perkins from Jane's/P4P.


Not Dizzy knee slaps on Jungle to add rythym!. You all haven't been treated well. BONGO ROCK N ROLL is your experience waiting. Neophyte's listen will be their candy pop for day.

I'll post "Slow Divers" soon. You need it.

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