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Vote for GnR at Rolling Stone dot com


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Okay, I know something like 300 people check this site a minute... what da fuck.

In any case, I think that we need to help our boys. Sure, I mean, GnR messed up their tour and all, but they do still need our support.

They are so far loosing to an old fart and a dead guy.

Do your part!

Vote for them at:


or try


Love ya :)

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Thanks for voting

You have already voted today! Try again tomorrow.

What was the comeback of the year?

Guns n' Roses

17% (1240 votes)  


33% (2357 votes)  


10% (717 votes)  

Bruce Springsteen

40% (2823 votes)  

Gee, I'd like to know what % GNR would made if Clear Channel had not cancelled the tour!

I also like the "Try again tomorrow" I will! ;D

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Hey I've voted a couple times for GNR.

Stupid Bruce Springsteen is in the lead. I hope other GNR fans vote, could you imagine GNR lOSING to

F-cking Spingsteen or F-cking nirvana?

David Grohl drummer of nirvana is the real talent, have you listen to Queens of the Stone Age?

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