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Hi i'm new here,but have been reading the posts for a while.There is some interesting news at Blabbermouth.net by way of Launch.Apparently GN'R are still very much intact and will be heading back to the studio in January to put the final touches on Chinese Democracy!Peace Out!!!!!

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Just wanted to show what Derek was talking about  :.

GUNS N' ROSES Intact, Putting Finishing Touches On 'Chinese Democracy' - Dec. 19, 2002

 Rumors that GUNS N' ROSES cancelled their tour because of the departure of guitarist Robin Finck and bassist Tommy Stinson are false, a spokesperson for the band told Launch. The spokesperson wouldn't give any details surrounding the reasons that concert promoter Clear Channel Entertainment and GUNS N' ROSES ended their tour affiliation, but did say GN'R is very much intact.

The band, who are said to be "currently on vacation," will return to the studio in January to put the finishing touches on "Chinese Democracy", due in the spring. GUNS N' ROSES' last studio album was a covers album, "The Spaghetti Incident?" , which was released in 1993. The last original song that hit radio was "Oh My God", which appeared on the soundtrack to the movie "End Of Days" in 1999.  

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I suppose it takes some time in studio, this is the finishing touches of like 4 years of work.. :)

And then there is mixing.. November Rain took ten days..

November Rain 8 times or something should do it.. 80 days.. Hopefully they have mixed along the way and maybe they can do it faster aswell now with new technology and also November Rain probaly took a bit longer than normal.. :)

We also don`t really know when the album come out, Dizzy said by June, meaning it could come out in April or May aswell, Fortus said he had heard that it should be out by March and Loder said that the band said Febuary.. But as Madison said, the plans could easily have been changed by now with the recent cancellation..

Axl said next year.. I think thats the safe® bet..

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