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Mad scientist or White Trash Boy???


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Anybody hear from Axl lately? No? Is that crickets chirping in the background? <chinese sign of good luck!?

 IS Uncle Axl is currently hard at work in a secret laboratory mixing the formulas that will free the world from the maniacle grips of rock and roll? Will his new electronica equiped robots spell doom to the guitar era worshipers of old? Can concerned world citizen Axl lead the hapless masses in a united free and democratic China?

His canceled concerts were a demonstration of his secret evil might. He can control peoples emotions by elevating the pitch of his voice (or not) and simply not appearing can spur on the mighty might of a furious crowd enraged!!More powerful than godzilla or fragile and meek like bambi?All around nice guy or brazen a zz hole?Mad scientist or white trash boy who made good?  You be the judge on................MyGNR.com!

It' s "your"  show ! A place where you can trash talk your favorite rockstar with complete and total freedom. Why yes you too can have a piece of the action and be trashed talked yourself by fellow concerned Fans. Ya'll come on down now.........

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