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Ok this is refering to this:


how about this....

Each day, i will put 3 random sets of GNR songs head to head, and you guys n gals select your fav song, and we make it one big competition to see which song becomes number one....

I will put up 2 songs on every GNR album except spagetti incident since it's not an original, and you people just comment on which song is better...

I will do 3 sets now to see if this will get any attention, otherwise i will hide under the table for being barred!  :-[

Ok, so check the other 3 threads for the head to head competition:

Ok, just put down what song you prefer out of these two:

Nightraing and Coma

and i will give thew results after 10 people vote (thereabouts)

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BOTH KICK SERIOUS AZZ BUT MUTHAF U CKAZ COMA IS ONE OF THE MOST UNDERRATED gnr songs ever unless ur a real gnr fan unlike a lot of commericialized 'top forty' fans this song is for the diehards/hardcores the 'no bull s h i t' fans that like songs that are not so much influenced by mtv. this songs is epic, it's progressive, it's got a helluva an edge, it's moving, it;s soothing..shit until i started posting here i thought i was the only mutha f u c k a that liked this song.

"in world that i've created in a world that's full of shit!!!!! god damn it!!!!!" "will someone tell me what the fuck is going on"

u know with the whole tour cancellation this songs fits best for me and all the gnr fans that did not get 2 see em live cos of fuckin' clear channel communications

"axl used to luv slash but he had 2 kill him..axl knew he'd miss him so he had to keep HIM..he's buried right in his hollywood mansion backyaaarddd OH OH OH WOW YEAH......TAKE IT 4 WHAT IT IS... axl used 2 luv slash but he had 2 kill him.......slash bitched so much he drove axl nuts and now axl's happier W/ BUCKETHEAD....HEAD HEAD...."



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