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Rocket Queen Cover

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Yea, its a shitty recording done with a tape recorder, next week we are gonna use a karaoke machine that can record with 2 mics, so we will have one mic near drums, and one near amps, then i will try to post that next week.

sounds good B)

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we are 13


How long you been playing for ?

(And yeah try and get a better quality recorded, you's sound good anyway from what I can hear.)

Thanks for the compliments, I have been playing guitar for about a year and 3 months. The bass player started same time around me. The drumer has been playing since christmas '04. The rhythm guitarist has been for a year but he couldn't make a practice today so it was just me, bass, and drums.

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Great...Just Great! :angry: ...damn!!! :drevil:

...now 13 year old kids are playing better than we in 7 f*** years!!! <_<

I hope you will go for techno or rap!...start to rap it's cooler!...(so we could fell beter)!

no! :rolleyes: ...It's cool, really...keep on rollin'!!! B)

Lol never am I going to rap or do techno, thanks for the compliments tho!

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