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Gossips from backstage at Philly


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"I just called the first union center, they said there will be no rescheduling of these two shows,

and you will be refunded from the place you purchased the tickets. If you bought them online, will ticketmaster just re-credit your card?

Also: any new word on the "health reasons"? I had heard that everyone was backstage, axl included, waiting for them to finish setting up for the GnR set. once people started gettin a little nuts, a security guy went and told axl to hurry up and get on stage or else

they would withhold the money from the band. Axl said they werent ready and would go on when everything was finished. The security guys kept making threats and stuff so axl said "fine, keep our money, dont let us play,

and you go out there and tell 20,000 angry drunken people why it is that theyre not gonna see Guns N Roses tonight." then GnR left. Is it true? i have no idea.

i have to wonder... if they played "show us your tits" do you think they still would have rioted?

George Y - DNB Mailing List


Somehow that is something i can see making sense!

Everything in the band seemed fine the night b4 see: "Izabel's review of meeting GN'R at MSG"

This seems to be the only thing that seems right... and a posible occurance!

But take it as whatever!

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If this was true, I can't see Axl revealing this incident to the media.  Possibly, his attorneys advised him not to say anything at this time in order that they can build a strong defense in case CC sues.  I can see the lawsuits flying all over the damn planet on this one.

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It is the venues fault for trying to push Axl on stage... :P

They obviously dont know who he is or what he is like.. and they shouldnt have threatened him like they did (if all this is true). Ultimately they are BOTH responsible no doubt... i like to blame it on the venue though  ;D

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I totally agree--we all have seen how the media screws Axl over.  They love to take things out of context and butt sound bites together to change the whole jist of what the person is saying!  It seems like everytime Axl tries to do an interview, some of it always gets taken out of context and used against him.   >:(

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couldnt axl just say "ive been advised not to say anything".we hear that a lot from people who want to say something but lawyers tell them to stay quiet

NO! Axl does what he wants... he isnt going to say he's been "advised" by anyone to do anything!

See the Rants on St Louis from a Washington concert!

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