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sweet child o mine vs estranged


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scom cos of the awesome solos without the solos this song would be another top forty song even though it is a top forty song.ashashash

"cc's got an attitude that seems 2 me reminds me of riots in philly were axl never showed up and we cried. now and then when i post on the net i try to comprehend what the deal  is cos the there is no fresh blue sky. wow wow wow clear channel sucks"

"axl used to luv slash but he had 2 kill him..axl knew he'd miss him so he had to keep HIM..he's buried right in his hollywood mansion backyaaarddd OH OH OH WOW YEAH......TAKE IT 4 WHAT IT IS... axl used 2 luv slash but he had 2 kill him.......slash bitched so much he drove axl nuts and now axl's happier W/ BUCKETHEAD....HEAD HEAD...."



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again, i dont mean to be an arsehole, but i want to mention that i am actually having a competition happening with this, and im not just posting these messages to compare songs...

Im actually recording the results and its gonna be like a knockout competition..

I even have the whole draw worked out, so please could you let me do it???

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