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hey folks,

i found this and thought i should share....

yours stonedNroses

SOURCE: www.bucketheadland.com GNR/Bucket FORUM

Subject:  Rumour of what happened in Philly!


Posted by:

King String






From pilferk at HTGTH:  

''can't take credit for the theory espoused in the timeline I'll present below. I CAN tell you that one piece of the ''information'' contained within HAS been verified by 2 to 3 different people (who I will not name, since they have asked to remain hidden). CC (Clear Channel) knew by 2:30 PM that Axl was not going to show. Believe it or take it for speculation as you see fit.  

12:45 am NYC MSG- Axl just completes one of the greatest shows of the tour so far, and has hit a personal high. All the cylinders seem to be firing and things are looking good. He expects rave reviews from the critics, and is hoping this will lead to increased ticket sales, since CC has been making noise about the lack of ticket sales for upcoming dates.  

9:00 am NYC hotel - Axl gets an early morning wake up call from a CC representative (I'm thinking, probably, Pam Fallon) telling him that CC has decided to pull the plug on the tour, after the Philly dates, unless Axl and GnR are willing to make some significant financial concessions due to the relatively poor ticket sales in the dates after Philly.  

10 am NYC hotel - Axl has consulted with the band, the teams Mgmt company, and his attorney's. He's unwilling to make the concessions CC is demanding. He sends the rest of the band to Philly, but tells them he has no intention of playing the show, because he'll be feeling ''sick'', unless he can come to some agreement with CC.  

Noon NYC hotel - Conversations between CC and Axl begin, but don't progress very well. CC wants WAY more than Axl is willing to give back in order to continue the tour. Axl uses as much leverage as he can, but can't get CC to be ''reasonable''.  

2 PM NYC hotel - Axl, completely frustrated with CC's negotiations, tells CC he is not playing Philly, because he suddenly feels ill. If they are pulling the plug on the shows AFTER Philly, he's pulling the plug on tonights show, unless CC and he can come to a compromise to continue the tour. CC, feeling like they're being blackmailed, calls in Sanctuary Music to attempt to convince Axl otherwise.  

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3 PM NYC hotel - Sanctuary makes the incredibly boneheaded mistake of NOT calling in Doug Goldstein to try to talk to Axl. They, along with CC, attempt to convice Axl to play Philly, and they will ''work something out after the show''. Axl is not buying it, and Sanctuary refuses, basically, to call in Goldstien, the one man they have who might ACTUALLY be able to talk to Axl and mediate.  

5 PM NYC Hotel - CC sends a helicopter to Axl's hotel, on the off chance they can ''talk some sense'' into him. However, negotiations continue to make no headway, at all, and Axl, being the pig headed guy that he is, really has no intention of playing the show unless CC and he can reach some sort of compromise.  

6:30 PM NYC Hotel - CC, sensing urgency, has begun to compromise a bit. They refuse to call the show, thinking they'll be able to reach an agreement before showtime, and they can 'copter Axl in within 40 minutes.  

7 PM First Union Center - The entire band is there, conferencing in with Axl on a regular basis to get status reports. All of them are frustrated. The openers are told to stall, and that Rose is running late, but are given none of the ''gory details'' on the situation.  

7:30 PM NYC Hotel Room - Negotiations begin to stall again, and hope is slipping away. Still, Sanctuary has not called in Goldstein. CC is at it's wits end, and is just about fed up with being ''blackmailed''. Tempers start to flare.  

7:30 PM First Union Center - CKY starts a lengthened 45 minute set.  

8:30 PM NYC Hotel - CC finally realizes there is little chance for compromise and calls the venue to cancel the show, ''due to illness''. The venue FREAKS OUT and spends about an hour pondering what to do. Meanwhile, Axl's gotten word to the band, who quickly return to their hotel rooms and hole up, preparing to weather the storm.  

9:30 PM First Union Center - Word finally makes it's way to the back that the show is going to be cancelled. Beer sales are stopped. Mix Master Mike, already on stage, doesn't know what's going on until he finishes his extended, 1 hour set, around 9:50.  

11:15 PM First Union Center - Venue finally announces the cancellation of the show and minor hell breaks loose.  

So, that's my wildly speculative timeline of events leading up to the Philly show. I can't take credit for the basis of the theory (another poster on HTGTH, who's name escapes me, came up with it).  

So, what do you all think?  

And yes, if this is true, Axl deserves some ''heat'' from the fans. Keep in mind, though, the above is opinion, theory, and speculation at this point.''


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Subject:  RE: Rumour of what happened in Philly!


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Admin Rupert Pupkin






I posted this because it was a very interesting read. But remember that this is a rumor and is all speculation. I know there are some false statements in there. So please, remember that this is speculation and take it with a grain of salt.


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It's an interesting theory.

But don't you think it's odd that CC would bring up such a matter following a sold-out NYC gig and just before a sold-out Philly show?  It doesn't make sense.

However, I'm told Axl fired Sanctuary recently, and Sanctuary fired DG. So I guess part of the theory could be correct.

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