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Judas Priests new album


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hey im grounded at the moment for getting drunk over the march break....but ive been offered 50$ to read a book and record it...make a book on tape......anyways i decided to go spend it on cds cuz i haven't bought any in a while and i figure i'll buy judas priests new cd.....any comments on it? worth the buy?...also if i have any money left over (i also have to buy a present for my sister) i want to get a marilyn manson album any suggestions? thanks for the help

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get the priest cd. it rocks. i bought it the week it came out. get the dualdisc version. 1 side is the cd, then you flip it over and the other side is a dvd. it doesn't cost anymore than the reg cd either. i paid 14.99 for it, and i think it's worth every penny.

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