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My take on Guns N' Roses Future!


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Ok this is just my take on what happened and what is to happen (hopefully), Don't flame me im just brainstorming!

The tour was going fine (pretty much) MSG went off!

Everyone was ready for philly and then shit went down with the security See: "Gossips from backstage at Philly".

After this stunt by Axl CC couldn't allow it to happen anymore and pulled the plug on the rest of the tour... (other promoters followed)

The album is basically finished and some of the other guys are off doing gigs (Bucket n Brain) to kill time etc...

So now all Axl can do is bring out a kick ass album that REQUIRES them to tour... Promoters will get over the past because they know what the future will bring... and everyone lives happily ever after   :D

Sure this may not be what happened and is to happen but i like to stay positive!  :P ;D

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THE CHINESE DEMOCRACY TOUR WILL COME OUT DIZ SUMMER!!! right along w/ terminator 3 perfect marketing ploy. it will go double platimum gnr will perform between now and then a few(1 to 3 max) shows esp one in las vegas(hell maybe even 4 free).  most of the time will spent finishing the albulm, making videos, and taking some time off.....but will spend the next two years touring all over the world since atleast he knows new gnr will sell out everywhere other than in us. Well america we had our chance but we f u ck ed up. Atleast that's what I would do. also I would believe despite their differences Buckethead & Robin finck will work together they have spent too much time & effort to just give it up. ANd duff mc kagan rejoins the band>>..

new gnr 4 life!!!


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It's nice to see some positive people on this forum :).

I think Axl's extremely bright and I'm sure he has a good reason for whatever transpired last week.

It just made no sense because they were awesome at MSG.  

I like to be optimistic too.  Axl has to know that time's running out.  So, if the album is ready, he should release it in January or February.

That Terminator III idea is ironic ;).

Let's keep our hopes up!

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