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i like writing songs but im only concentrating on about 3 themes and from what ive heard the themes i write about are very similair to Jim Morrisons for example testing authorit, rebellion, and anarchy. but i need some other themes to go on other wise most of it sounds like crap like this one i came up with looking at a fire in my living room the sideways fire always burning the hot embers ever yearnig the broken logs always learning to not be conquered again but i guess that kind deals with all the themes i talked about befor so anyone have any suggestions? btw sorry if this has been done before.

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i ocasionally write some suicidal stuff but havent in a while, i did alot of it when i still like Linkin Park wait a minute this is beginning to make sense bad music makes you want to kill yourself. whoa. so i guess that counts as a them so thats 4 now i havent touched base on girls yet though. unless you count an accoustic instrumental i made up and named it after a girl that lives in Italy.

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wait a minute this is beginning to make sense bad music makes you want to kill yourself.

Yupp, I was at a place where they played REALLY crappy music. Thongs everywhere about 4 inches from my face but the music was so bad I could kill myself. Altough they played Paradise City but cut it after the second chorus...

I mainly focus on themes like love/obsession, drugs, and humour.

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A lot of the stuff i write is very depressing, one paragraph(?) i wrote had the following words in it= pain , suffer , hate and fear. iwas shocked when i read over it, i can write them fairly quick though, 7 per hour is my best...

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SHUT UP SPUD *falls off chair laughing* that doesnt count *gets back up* never again will i ever produced such deranged material from my twisted mind i dont think ill ever write anything like this again: Monsters Ball

Welcome to monsters ball were dead men lay across the hall you’ll have trouble seeing at all if you walk into monsters ball. You walk in and find a gun in your hand ready to be pointed at your head you might walk out alive and you might not because you’re dead. You may hear a screech in the night when you can’t see because there is no light and you may be frightened because you hear gunshots above your head and since you walked in 10 minutes ago already there are three dead

Monsters Ball It has your head spinnin’ monsters ball you try not givin’ in to this force this madness because if you do then your next on the list

You hear a crash below you hear people start to scream out of the corner of your eye you see a gleam you start to wonder why there are so many people that die during their one night stay. There is an explosion to your side and 5 more guests die…

Monsters Ball it has your head spinnin’ monsters ball you try not givin’ in monsters ball you can hear the voices within

Now only ten remain the tension driving you insane everybody is running for their life running away with grief and strife running away from this murderous man then with no one left you look down and see the gun in your own blood stained hand.

Monsters Ball you were the one Monsters Ball who toted the gun Monsters Ball you realize there is no time to run Monsters Ball you raise the gun point to yourself and your life is done.

Monsters Ball

needless to say iscared off a bunch of people considering i wrote this in what was it? 7th grade this has tarnished my reputation as a songwriter forever so im debating on whether to send it to Marilyn Manson. lol, spud u little knieving piece of......salad finger lol

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fine i did this with a friend of mine and it was all his idea i just played a riff over and over and he thought hed take a stab at comedy so when i stopped he sarted singing weve gotten the song to perfection and sometimes play it on the street corner sittin in a tree family doesnt like me cant take it no more OH OH Curious George please come get me ill give you a banana haha ha oh sittin in a tree family really hates me shut up ill never see your faces again and i dont care OH Curious George please come take me Sittin in a tree no family to care for tttthhheee bbbuuullleeetttt clllooossssiiinnnggg ooouuuttt ooff thhhe guunnn SITIIN IN A GRAVE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha ha yes we are deranged and like to pretend were idiots so the song ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P and i dont count that as songwritin i count it as: SHEER STUPIDNESSS AHAHAHAHAAA ps Paul is Dead jk. :P

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Who the fuck asks for themes from other people???

WTF?? Then they ask why the songs went shit?..

Here's a theme: the way cats crouch down when they take a shit.

Yeah write about that one.

Seriously dude, that's INSPIRATION. You don't ask other people for themes, you get inspired by things to write about things. Stuff that happens to you, stuff that you see. That is the only way you can relate to the subject, and really get into the writing process.


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