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LA Times Article - Tour Problems


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This article in today's L.A. Times seems to indicate that problems had been brewing for a while on the road and that the riots were only part of the trouble.

Here's the link.  http://www.calendarlive.com/music/pop/cl-et-boucher13dec13.story

Here's an excerpt:

"... Fan safety and mounting financial risk haunted the tour's key players, as did the erratic ways of Rose, who would pop in a different city than scheduled in the hours before some shows. "It was getting ridiculous," one official with the tour said. No one at Clear Channel or at Sanctuary, the band's management company, would comment publicly Thursday. In recent days, all involved have huddled to broker the messy cancellation. Among the issues: The $1-million advance given to Rose last year to secure the tour.

Andy Hewitt, a Los Angeles promoter who partnered on an Idaho date for the Guns N' Roses tour, said Thursday that timing and temperament again undermined Rose, whose mercurial ways are legendary.

"He managed to cancel the dates that were doing well [at the box office], and when they didn't, he showed up," Hewitt said. "We did a show in Boise that did horrible business, and he showed. I wished he didn't."

Tim Wood, an executive vice president at Ticketmaster, wondered if Rose would get another chance.

"I think a lot of people were excited about this one, and it's a shame Axl can't get this thing together," Wood said. "I would think now that any promoter would really think twice before trying this again. These tours are expensive."

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