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Robin Gone???? Uh oooohhhhh!!


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Extremely strong rumors are suggesting that Robin Finck has left GUNS N ROSES. To go even further, rumors are flying like fire in the sky, and its even being said this all a ploy for the original members to get back together since they have been looking for a singer. What a perfect opportunity to trick their fans, and to have Axl magically reappear? Only time will tell. Stay tuned for the official press release, and more news. Keep in mind its all rumors at the moment, but signs point to Robert Finck leaving.

Hahahhaa i like the reunion bit! Bwhahah. .YAY!

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IF robin has left the band ( and it's probably just a bullsh*t rumor ) who will they get to replace him? and does that mean we'll have to wait even longer for chinese democracy to come out ( so they could have the new guitarist record over robin's work )??

i seriously doubt that the old band is ever gonna get back together and if they did, wouldn't that just set GnR back about 5 years? Slash, Duff, & co. won't wanna play any of the chinese democracy stuff, so they'd have to start all over.

when is a statement supposed to be released????

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