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How can everyone be so blind??......


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Let me start by saying that I was one of the lucky ones to see GUNS on this tour in Michigan and they were fuckin GREAT!!!!  BUT!!.........and this is a big BUT!!........I saw GUNS in 87,88,92,93 also live in concert and AXL would of never pulled the crap he is pullin now. Don't give me this crap like " OH THIS IS AXL", " AXL IS AXL AND LIVE WITH IT"!!! Thats a bunch of BULLS*#T. The guy needs help PLAIN AND SIMPLE. You don't fuck over your fans like this and come out shining with a big fuckin grin on your face. I heard about axl saying stuff like " I BET YOU DIDN'T THINK WE WHERE SHOWING UP TONIGHT..HA HA HA" . Give me a fuckin break .. If you don't show up for shows THATS NOT FUNNY.your fuckin over your fans and it caused a riot ( is this funny to you people?). I'm sorry for you fans that are defending him for the 10,000 time. I love GUNS and I really hope Axl seeks some help for his on going probs.

p.s. - I heard on the radio today that Axl needed help from a shrink everynight to get on stage. The guy needs help folks

ROCK N ROLL FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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