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What New Album will you be looking forward to


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Exodus : is going back in the ther studio with new singer, Cd expected in the fall

Metallica:going back in studi this summer (better not be St. Anger 2 or crap like that)

Velvet Revolver: going back...in the fall? I think, it'll be good

Ozzy Osbourne: besides the "Under Covers" CD, he'll be back in th studio soon

Slayer:they'll be back in the studio sometime this srping/summer, hopefully it'll be faster

Iron Maiden: a mystery this one is, I heard that they'll play new stuff during Ozzfest or release the new CD sometime during or after

thats all I can think of, feel free to add some

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I'm looking foward to .. the next VR album and the next The Darkness album. Neither are really solidified yet, so nothing really comes to mind. Music these days just sucks.

:lol: As for the title, I hardly call myself 'looking foward' to Chinese Democracy. If so, I'd be looking until the day I die. No thanks, I'd rather just wait for it to spring up on me as a surprise.

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Iron Maiden

Motley Crue(sorta)

and probably more that I can't remember right now.

and it already came out, but I was looking forward to the Queens of the Stone Age album, lullabies to paralyze, came out 3/22, awesome album.

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