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CNN Headline News/GNR


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CNN Headline news said an hour ago,it had good news and bad news,the bad news tours cancelled,good news they will have more time to finish the album.It told this in the entertainment news after they talked about the Billboard awards winners.

Thanx to "Nerinda" from g n r x.com

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Guns N’ Roses cancels tour

December 10th, 2002

Gee, are you really that surprise. I should sure hope not. In typical Axl Rose tradition, the remainder of the Guns N’ Roses tour, mind you the first in nearly 10 years, has been stopped in its tracks. An Interscope Records spokesperson confirmed the news that GN’R will not continue to tour, but offering no explanation as to why. There are unconfirmed reports that the tour’s immediate halt was due to tour promoter, Clear Channel Entertainment, pulled the show off the road after Rose cancelled yet another concert just before having to walk on stage.


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