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Called (the-not-so) Clear Channel


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And still.. no official statement.  Personally, I think it's frustrating.  I called the number below (which is listed on Clear Channel public press releases) just now and the conversation goes like this:

Them: Hello

Me: Hi, I was wondering if the GNR tour is still on?

Them: Who is calling?

Me:  Uh.. a ticketholder.

Them: It's not clear.  You should contact the venue you

have tickets for.  The first venue holder to know will be..

Me: South Carolina?

Them: Yes.

Why doesn't CC issue a public statement about the status?  Why should fans be tasked with calling their venues and wasting their time finding out info that CC could easily transmit.  If CC doesn't know, then they should at least post that on their Web site (or cc.com) and they should post when they will know.  It's very irresponsible of them.  I expect irresponsibilty from GNR, not from CC.

For those that want to call:

Clear Channel Entertainment Public Relations

(617) 547-0620 x501

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