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British Bands

T Patten

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I guess most people on here are from america, i'm from london, and i was wondering what americans think of current/past brit bands who have their very own unique brit rock sound, below i'll list my top 5 brit bands of all time, sorry if this has been done before but as you can see i'm new on here...

1. Oasis

2. The Who

3. Led Zepplin

4. The Beatles

5. Bad Company/Free...

....i'd also like to know what brit bands are currently doing well in the states, cheers.

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1. Led Zeppelin(by far)

2. Black Sabbath/Ozzy

3. Queen

4. the Beatles

5. fill in a British band which is NOT Oasis.

I don't much care for the Who. Who else is Brit that I'm missing? I know I'm blanking some, but the only big one I can think of is Def Leppard, and I'm not putting them on my top 5.

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Guest katie

wuhey i am from london too! anyway..yes british bands do rock, aqualung are meant to be doing quite well in the states

Also the clash, the sex pistols, the buzzcocks, the who, led zeppelin, oasis, razorlight, the streets and the cure all rock

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Tori you missed

the ordinary boys


the streets

bloc party

the departures

the tears

Ha yeah, all brilliant bands. Narrowing it down to five is tricky. Let's face it, British music is better than American music atm.

Oh, also forgot the Lost Prophets.

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Who ever's put the darkness should be shot , they're awful, plus their lead singer is a right poof, i don't care much for queen neither, i think they were really over-rated, but they've got theirselves a quality new frontman in paul rodgers, he's a blinding singer with a class voice.

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oh mant his is the topic i have been waitin for!! There are so many good uk bands at the moment, far to many to list so i wll shorten it down to my favs

Kaiser Chiefs

The Libs


The Music





Keane (sorts)

Bloc Party

The Tears


Graham Coxon



The Streets

So good!! arghhhh, im loving so much British music at the moment it is un-true

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I am suprised that no one yet has mentioned Deep Purple, English music is far better than American, and that's not an anti american statement it is a fact.

US do have some class acts, but I beleive the English music scene to be better.

Here are my 5 fave US acts, in no particular order


Guns N Roses

The Doors

The Ramones


No room there for Nirvana or RHCP

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