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AXL go to H E L L !!


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This is enough! Not only that the whole tour seems to be cancelled, it also seems that there are problems inside the Band (Finck leaving?) This proves what I did not want to hear and did not want to believe a long time. Axl is a fu##ing dictator (See some past Izzy (?) interview) , he's soo crazy in his head that he can't hold a band which works good for some time. I don't really believe there are problems like illness, etc.

Mr. W Axl Rose, how can you dissapoint so many of your fans who wanted to see you again. What kind of "comeback" is this? Cancelled Comeback it seems! I am overreacting, I know, but this has to be said. If Axl would have some little brain in his head, he would try to hold together this great band he has formed and go out there and rock like he never rocked.

I love Axl for bringing Buckethead, but I hate him for srewing things up!

If he would not be that mad, he would still be together with the former band members.

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Well if all this sh*t is true I sure wonder what the h e ll Ol Axl is gonna do now ,  maybe he realized it wasn't such a good idea to tour WAY before he was going to release the Album so he's gonna try to Take a Mulligan , and I don't think Finck is gonna leave but I'm not in the band so I'm sure no one really cares about that but I don't think Robin will let this affect his decesion .

 Peace GnR Nation  8)

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