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For all you Axl excuse makers and followers.......


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OK so I was at the Guns n' Roses show last night (Friday) at the First Union Center in Philadelphia. I was seated near the back of the floor but snuck up to the front pretty easily. I knew there was going to be a problem almost immediately, as everyone was talking about Vancouver and how if that happened again, none of these chairs were bolted down. The first band was CKY and they sounded good, very nu-metal but with guitar solos, but the crowd was

pretty unresponsive. I snuck up front for Mixmaster Mike, and the people near the front seemed to dig him, but everyone in the balcony booed LOUDLY. Not their scene I guess. Mike's set ended at 9:45. So 45 minutes pass (about 5 of which was spent deconstructing Mike's stage set, for the record), and the crowd starts booing. Loudly. No cheers, no "Axl" or "GnR" chants, they just start booing immediately. Everyone was REALLY drunk, and after

about an hour, cups started flying. The booing got louder (and the security, especially the security right by the stage, did nothing whatsoever). Eventually, you saw a couple people lifting up chairs, and people near the side of the curtains said that the crew was dismantling the stage. This caused the real fury to begin, as chairs started getting thrown (guess Axl forgot that this is the city that invented ECW). A voice came over the PA system and said that the concert would be "rescheduled" (yeah, right). So all Hell broke loose. I chucked a few chairs and bolted before the riot police showed up.

Honestly I'm not sure who to blame on this one. Once the riot really got started I was in it but it really seemed like Philly was just looking for an excuse. I know that doesn't jibe with the "blame Axl for everything" mentality (and he really shouldn't have kept the crowd waiting that long, especially in Philly, the East coast's hardest town-FUCK New York City!). Also, a lot of the blame goes to the (accurately nicknamed) F.U. Center's shitty security, who didn't do dick to stop anything. Guess we'll see about the "rescheduled dates."


Jizzy Dickinson


All shit but this

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Oh cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it.

One woman at that site whined that she had brought her 11-year old daughter with her and was worried about her safety. I mean, why would someone in their right mind bring an 11-year old child (with blue hair I might add  :P) to a GNR show in the first place?  Give me a break. If she's that concerned about her fragile child, then she should have taken her to an N'Sync gig instead.

I'm not condoning what happened last night. It's too bad neaderthals feel the need to trash everything when things don't go as planned, giving GNR fans a bad name and effectively ruining it for everyone else going forward.  There's just no excuse for looting and ripping the place apart.

As for GNR, I'm still reserving judgment on that until I see an official statement from Axl on what happened.

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I agree it's not an excuse to break stuff just cause it is cancelled.  This is not good for the band and i hope there is a good excuse this time though.  I was in vancouver and as soon as got back home to edmonton everybody is on me asking what went wrong, bashing axl and the band for not showing, negative publicity is not always good publicity.  i am surprised to hear there was not more damage.  When go out for drinks tonight i know gonna hear all the what is gnr's problem again just like after vancouver.

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