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New info about Philly..


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I was at the "no show" last night (dec 6th), and witnessed the riot from Section 5 on the floor.  Last night, Philadelphia was definately not "Paradise City", nor the "City of Brotherly Love".  I heard a lot of rumors about where Axl was, etc.  So, I called the arena.  I was told that Axl WAS NOT in the arena, and they didn't know where he was.  I also asked if the Philly show on Dec 8th at the Spectrum (In the First Union Complex) was still going to happen, and she replied...  "It will be cancelled (by the venue), we don't want him anywhere near here".

I also asked about rescheduling or refund for last night's show?  She said "REFUND" and to call back monday on how to get it.

Here is the number I called...  215.336.3600   Call it Monday for ticket refund info.

Another interesting thing is, there is a Flyers game today at 1:00 PM!   The staff at the FU Center must have been going crazy last night/this morning to get everything cleaned up and ready for today. It would be funny if you had a ticket for a seat that was no longer there b/c people took them last night.

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