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This is why axl should stop he'll never amonut to anything. its an excuse everytime with him i'm sick. well axl ass-hole rose when i'm sick i usually call out well before i'm do in work. by the way when you have 20,000 fans waiting ten years and there all pumped up and ready to go then we get f*cked over by your security and personal, we have a right to be pissed. why couldn't he cancel earlier he knew it the no good rotten pri*k. i've lost all hope for gnr boycot these bitc*s anyway possible. roll up in your solitude world axl rose you'll never amount to shi* in this world. can anyone agree on this how many times does this have to happen the ass-hole could have the world again at his fingertips but the shi* he pulls buries him even more. oh well i hope to get  my money back for the philly show.

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