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Axl - Plastic Surgery?


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Only in New York folks....

But in an article in today's New York Post, someone interviews plastic surgeons in town to speculate on what Axl may or may not have had done.  

Here's the link:  http://www.nypost.com/entertainment/63240.htm

December 1, 2002 -- After a 10-year absence, Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose finally came back this year, first performing at the Video Music Awards Now he is embarking on the long-awaited Chinese Democracy tour. But his fans have only one question: What happened to Axl's face? A panel of experts looked at before and after photos and weighed in:

Dr. Elliot Jacobs, plastic surgeon:

"His cheeks are more full - there may be a cheek implant. His nose looks thinner at the bridge and the tip looks more rounded. As far as the lips go, there is a procedure called a lip lift which narrows the space between the nose and the upper lip, but it's hard to say if he's had that done. As for the swelling in his face, that could be injections of silicone, collagen, it could be weight gain, or it could just be age."

Maura Bright, face reader

"Axl's square face, red hair and eyebrows show that he is a mixture of the fire and earth elements. His thick, well-formed, pointed eyebrows indicate a strong drive, ambition and ability to bring projects to completion -- sometimes at the risk of burnout, as evidenced by the blue tinge which has developed under his eyes. Those with a lot of fire element in their nature are lucky when it comes to aging: They tend to mature later in life and retain their youthful looks."

Dr. Darrell Rigel, professor of dermatology at New York University

"His skin looks pinker and his pores look smaller, which means he's probably had one or more chemical peels. He's obviously bleached his eyebrows. I think there's been some sun damage. He may have had Botox - you would expect to see some vertical lines on his forehead. But it looks shinier and tighter. Some people like that."

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All I can say is that in newr pics he does look a whole lot different than in the older ones ( I know he can't possibly be but doesn't he look a little shorter than he used to maybe it's the weight or the clothes BTW this isn't a bad thing at all just an observation . )

 Peace GnR Nation  8)

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