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Good Female guitarist

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She's the queen of acoustic guitar, check out her unorthodox guitar playing! I think she's the best female guitarist I've seen. I think she beats a lot of male guitarist too.

Go to her website http://www.kakiking.com/ and you can watch some videos of her playing plus listen to clips of her guitar!

Another great female guitarist is Shannon Curfman. She's a bluesy guitarist. She's very young too but she's not today's teenie pretend rock stars like Avril and Ashlee Simpson. Check her out at http://www.shannoncurfman.com

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they're both decent guitarists regardless of gender...

I've had Shannon's album since it came out back a few years ago she's cool.

As for Kaki, she ain't got nothing on Jennifer Batten.

Don't insult Avril by comparing her with Ashley Simpson. Avril has talent, Ashley is shit.

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Hi all! I'm from Hungary, and I'm not too good in english, sorry... :)

I really love Guns and Roses ( I have a tattoo on my scapula ). Here, in Hungary there are two tribute band (Hollywood Rose, and Dust n' Bones) and they are so amazing!

I have a rock band too, and in my band everyone's girl! Two guitars (Tanja, Daisy), bassguitar (Nóra), vocal (Saci), violin (Christy), and drum (me). We make a little bit melancholy music. We have a homepage, unfortunately isn't english version, yet. (www.blandish.tk, or blandish.fpn.hu)

You can download two songs (Alone, White Night), and many pictures (in hungary: "képek") If you wanna look at the homepage, or hear the music, I help you :)

I think, Daisy and Tanja are good female guitarist, too :)

kiss all the guns and ross lovers :D


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she's really not bad looking :huh:

Err, and her guitar playing...? :lol:

She plays damn well. She's a blues guitarist and she can play blues a lifetime better than the demos we've seen in this forum. The only reason she's not popular is because she's not poppy.

Bad guitar player like avril, simple plan, good charlotte etc=popular

Good guitar player=not so popular!

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