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cant believe ppl underrate the best songs


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i like almost every single gnr song but i dont like some of the new stuff and i hate the "song" my world (obviously just something to fill the album i dont know why axl wanted to do that) and hard to believe that some people want gnr to play that "song" ???

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Yea.. My World is one hell of a filler taking all of those 82 seconds.. :) We have discussed this song before and with the help of quotes from Axl we agreed that this was just something he wanted to do to mock the people who thinks they know exactly what`s going on in a rockstars life and head..

Or something..

Back Off Bitch is fucking great.. One of the best at Uyi1.. Get In The Ring is also pretty good, not my GnR favorite but still a very good song.. Shotgun Blues is kewl.. All of these three has "good" lyrics.. funny atleast..

Especially Back Off Bitch with the excellent

"Hey, what do you think he is trying to say there anyway?"

"I think it`s something your supposed to take in your own special way.." :)

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