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Late Review/Opinion Columbus,Ohio


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Took my wife to the GnR show in Columbus, Ohio on Nov. 25.  We had been avid concert-goers until we had twin boys six months ago.  This was the first concert since the birth of our sons and it was worth the wait.

The turnout was a little disappointing with less than 6,000 showing up in an arena that holds over 18,000 but that didn't put a damper on the show.  If anything it made it better for us.  We had bought upper-level seats but because of the low attendance they moved everybody down to the lower bowl.  Very nice seats.

Axl and company took the stage at almost 10:30.  I missed GnR live in the 80's and ealy 90's so hearing the opening riff of WTTJ live gave me goosebumps.  While Axl's voice seemed alittle off during the opening song, it just got stonger as the concert continued.  As mentioned in other reviews, this band is just tight.  They seemd right on for every song.  The crowd that WAS there was very into the music and neither the crowd nor the band seemed to notice the lack of attendance.  A few funny bits: first of all, as soon as Fink started his solo many people full of $5.00 beers decided it was time to head to the B-room to take care of business (including me).  Is this the shortest solo or what?  As soon as I walked into the B-room I heard the first chords of Sweet Child O' Mine.  A lot of people pissed off in the batthroom.  No pun intended. Also, Axl made a comment about seeing the riots on TV following the OSU v. UM football game.  He made the comment that he was wondering what day it was because maybe he missed showing up at the concert hence the rioting.  At least the man has a sense of humor.  Oh and Bucketheads Solo is just so cool.  Love orignality of the Robot dance and the numb chucks...playing the main theme and Imperial March from SW was very cool also.  Just my 2 cents worth.  Keep rocking.

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