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Boston Fleet Center Review


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Just got back from the Boston concert.


As usual, lots of girls showing their tits in the monitor before GNR takes the stage. Some girl even took her pants off (front) and showed off..

The Boston Fleet Arena was SOLD OUT! No empty seats (seats at the back where intentionally empty because of the stage is set up).

GNR went on stage at 10:42. The sound quality was ok, but not superb. There was some of echo bouncing in the Arena. I think GNR did their best, the sound can never be the same from one arena to another.

(The clearest sound so far in my opinion was in Toronto at the Air Canada Center which is a completely new arena with special accoustics).

Axl was in a great mood. Some songs got out of phase sometimes but quickly came back ok. I've noticed two difficulties in the current tour:

1. Middle of Welcome to the Jungle (dephased)

2. Strange guitar notes Patience (Axl sometimes nods his head in that song at some concerts.

There was no lights focussing on Axl at both the left and right ends at this concerts. So we did not see Axl well when he would go to either ends of the stage. The image in both giant monitors was often very pale, this should be fixed.

At some point Axl's dropped the pole of his mike while signing, and he was running arround. The mike pole did not get picked up and the stage was DARKER than at the other venues. I got concerned that Axl would run back and litterally trip over the pole (at the speed Axl runs, he would have been hurt). Axl did come running back, but noticed the pole and picked it up just as the guy arrived to pick it up. at the end of the song Axl made a comment about "someone not doing his job".

At some point in "Rocket Queen", Axl was signing but no sound was coming out of the speakers. But that was quickly fixed.

The crowd was very responsive. The crowd was signing along almost every song (exept the new songs cause most people don't know them yet).

The concert was a COMPLETE succcess! Everyone seemed happy to have seen GNR when comming out of the arena. Everyone at the Arena had a blast.

If I had more time, I'd start a page to rate the sound quality in the arena's. Personally, in a future GNR tour, I would give the Fleet Center a neutral rating because of the echoes bouncing out of the ceiling and travelling arround the arena.

Eric Romano, Webmaster


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Hey i'm new here,i've visited this site for years,it was my best source and it kept me updated daily about G&R, i kinda grew on this site about the whole development that surrounded the band.Anyway hi to everyone and i kinda wanted to share my experience about the Boston and Toronto show since i've attended both show.Both show Rocked,Toronto was better,wish i had better seats,in Boston before the encore i went down on the lower lever which was incredible seats,it was my best 5 minutes of my life,i saw the band 5 feet way from me,the whole experience took a different perspective,the sound, the interaction with band members,i wave at Richard and he kinda nodded at me,that was cool,anyhow i'm trying to get tickets for another G&R show,in front row if possible.

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I agree that the Toronto concert was better. The sound system was very well calibrated. It also has to do with the fact that the Air Canada Centre in Toronto is a new building built with accoustics in mind. the song Welcome to teh Jungle did not get dephased in Toronto, but it does get dephased at other venues in the part where Axl says "You know where you are, you're in the Jungle.. you're gonna die......".

Don't get me wrong, I would never expect a live band to never get dephased. This is live stuff, shit happens, unexpected things happen. Remember that these concerts are not recordings, and considering how much running arround Axl does while signining, I'm superised he can keep up so well. [He did have trouble speaking to the crowd at some point in Boston cause he had trouble catching his breath, but that's totally understandable].

Eric Romano, Webmaster


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