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Axl says something "good" about IZZY


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It wasn't good... it twas DAMN MEAN!!!!!!!!  The show was all I HAVE EVER HOPED FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   it was religious!!!!   but axl said that izzy was always wasted and playing like shit so the roadies would turn his amp down cuz he was so bombed he didn't know what song he was playin.......  but the show was F'N' Great!!!!!!  great set... Madagascar was the new standout and Rocket Queen made my ass wiggle like a girl!!!!!!!!!   I love you Axl and i will follow you to the ends of the earth!!!!!!!!!!  


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my reason for mentioning it was cuz it seemed real out of place. He just started one of his stories from no-where and bashed him for like 4 minutes and it didn't seem right... It was the best show Ive been to in YEARZ!!!!!!!!  but it just seemed a bit petty (not Tom)... and yeah i will still follow Axl to the ends of the earth... Keep the faith Bothers!

rockus 8)

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I have no problem believing what Axl said about Izzy - I mean seriously, just look at the guy at some of the shows.  Honestly...the only one's that looked at least half sober during the UYI days were Axl, Matt, Gilby, and the back-up singers... ;D...ok, the one did look kind of strange, so take her name out of there...Tracey, I believe...

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I mean i know i dont know everyhitng that happened, but it seems pretty obvious that the old guys have nothing against axl, but time and time again we hear negative comments from axl...

I mean all im saying is that the hatred it definately on axl's side not the old guys!

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BTW where's Izzy-Stradlin.com this sounds like his kinda Topic  

lol here I am ......  ;D

I doubt Izzy will bother to respond as he probably won't even here about it. I doubt it will make headline news on MTV "Axl bashes Izzy"   :o

Izzy has spoken about Axl's bashing before. I have the interview somewhere... but it basically said:

'I hear Axl's still slinging mud but he always has done that. You cant read into it to much as tomorrow he will be slinging mud at someone else.'

Izzy started talking about Axl's childhood and blamed that for his bashing if I remember correctly  :P As far as Izzy is concerned, in relation to what other GNR members want to wear on stage he says:

'I couldn’t give a shit what these guys wear. They could wear pink tutus onstage if they wanted!'

lol I dont think the crowd would be too receptive about that Iz .....  ;)

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From an Izzy article & interview [Kerrang 92], Izzy talks about his first solo album, world tour, and the GNR Material:

"JUST A few days after Axl Rose was found guilty of assaulting a fan at a Guns N' Roses concert which subsequently ended in a riot, former GN'R guitarist Izzy Stradlin walks freely through a hotel lobby in Bonn, Germany's capital.

Nobody hassles him, snaps a photograph or picks a fight. Even GN'R fans might struggle to recognize the dreadlocked Stradlin in his new parka coat.

There's just Izzy, no bodyguards or crowds. Izzy Stradlin couldn't be happier about walking out on the biggest rock'n'roll band in the world.

Later that day, onstage with his new band Ju Ju Hounds in a Bonn hall a little bigger than the Marquee, Stradlin looks relaxed even though he's still getting to grips with the role of frontman. And he smiles now and then, something he didn't do too much of during the last of his six years with Guns N' Roses. At Wembley Stadium in September of 1991, Stradlin stuck close to his backline while Axl howled and buzzed around like a dog chasing its own tail. When Guns' set finished, Izzy was first out of sight."

CURRENTLY, THE Ju Ju Hounds' live set includes several covers; The Rolling Stones' 'Jiving Sister Fanny', The Faces' 'My Fault', The Maytals' 'Pressure Drop', of course... but no Guns N' Roses songs.

"No," Izzy shrugs. "In Australia, there was a guy in just about every front row yelling for 'Dust N' Bones' or something, and I'm hitting a chord every time they shout, going, 'What?!.'

"I can understand people wanting to hear that stuff - we were gonna rehearse some songs - but in GN'R, I didn't have any singles out. I wrote 'Patience' but I didn't sing it. We just figured, 'Fuck it'."

"I don't miss those GN'R songs cos the stuff we've got now is better - better written, better to play. It's totally freeform; we break things down, extend them. If I come in late on a verse or miss it, we'll just look at each other and Rick'll keep going, do a solo or something.

"It's real good; once the momentum's there, whatever happens, happens. Last night, I couldn't see the set-list and started two songs wrong. We can sound bad!

"In Stockholm, we started with 'Bucket O' Trouble' and everyone was in a different fucking key, man! After the first few bars you could feel your stomach turning; it was bad. I was looking over thinking, I don't know who's in the right key, but when we came to the verse, somehow everybody went back to the right key, the A. It was just one of those things. Rick's going, 'Maybe we should just do that every night, start it out all fucked-up and then click into the A!'. It happens. You gotta flow with it."

""When GN'R did 'Appetite For Destruction', I hadn't really cleaned up, but I'd cleaned up enough to record during the day, then go out at night and drink and do krell and stuff, sleep in till noon, come back in and record. So during the actual recording I wasn't getting too wasted.

"For the 'Use Your Illusion' albums, I was sober doing those tracks, and it was just frustrating. When you're sober and you gotta be someplace at four, and when other people come in at six or seven, and they're, like, not quite together, you find yourself thinking, why the fuck was I here at four?

"For the basic tracks on 'Illusions', I was done with my stuff in about four or five weeks. That was easy."

'APPETITE FOR Destruction', arguably the hard rock record of the '80s, changed Izzy Stradlin's life irrevocably. Izzy's recollections of the album and GN'R's rise to superstar status are hazy. It is, after all, five years since the album was released, and Izzy's hard drug intake at the time was pretty fucking serious!

"I'm real bad at remembering songs, even ones I've done," he chuckles. " 'Paradise City', 'Sweet Child O' Mine'. That was a point where we were on tour with Aerosmith, and David Geffen (founder of GN'R's label) flew out to a gig and he says, 'You guys are rich and famous now'. And we were like, ''We are?! We're still living in a tour bus and in hotels, so what's the difference?'.

"I haven't heard 'Appetite...' in years, but I was pretty happy with what it sounded like back then, and fuck, it sold millions of copies, man!

"With 'Appetite', I just think of seven or eight months of absolutely no notoriety or any real popularity, and then a few Number One singles, and this explosion, and now you're a pop star."

I cut out the questions about drugs etc cos the interview really dragged on..... The exact interview was:

Interview from Kerrang! No. 421, December 5, 1992.

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Ha There ya are ( nice post  ;D ) I agree I don't really think Iz will care too much about Axl's comment , Man I thought Axl buried the Hachet with Iz oh well ,  :-/ , Why doesn't Axl just let it go After all wasn't it he who wrote "Yesterdays got nuthin for me " .  BTW do you think Izzy will tour with the project or just contribute material , Man I hope he tours I like seein him  up there .

 Peace GnR Nation  8)

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