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Megadeth Vs Metallica


Which Band Do You Like Better?  

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is that Metallica old and new stuff... because if it includes anything past 1991, it is absolute garbage.

Mustaine is the man and Megadeth Kicks Axe! What were Metallica thinking when they let this guy go :blink: absolute retards if ya ask me

Searchin....... SEEK AND DESTROY! rock1

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What were Metallica thinking when they let this guy go?  absolute retards if ya ask me

Mustaine was incredibly hard to work with, his raging alcoholicism/drug addiction was getting in the way of work and he often missed live performances.

No, I can't think why Metallica fired him either. What retards!


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But his work on Kill Em All is wonderful.

His work on Kill'em All is re-recorded. Kirk plays re-wrote his own solo's for that album, but they are played in the same scale that mustaine used for them originally.

If you want to hear Mustaines real work ont hat album go buy 'Metallica - Bay Area Thrasher(The Early Days), it's a dodgey Demo recording from a past show.

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I would be kickass to see them both tour together

Never, ever going to happen.


it has happened

Metallica and Megadeth played a few concerts together in Europe in 1993, including the famous Milton Keynes Bowl in June with Diamond Head, where Dave proclaimed: The ten years of bullshit is over between Metallica and Megadeth!

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I think he means lyrics

Dave didn't write any lyrics for Metallica, he contributed music.

Damn dude, you know shit about these bands don't you.

First off Metallica and Megadeth have ALREADY toured together in '93, second of all

From the Ride The Lightning Album : -

Ride The Lightning (6:36)

(Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton, Mustaine)

The Call of Ktulu (8:52)

(Hetfield, Ulrich, Burton , Mustaine)

From the Kill 'Em All Album:-

The Four Horsemen

( J. Hetfield, L. Ulrich, D. Mustaine)

Jump In The Fire

(J. Hetfield, L. Ulrich, D. Mustaine)

Phantom Lord

(J. Hetfield, L.Ulrich, D. Mustaine)

Metal Miltia

(J.Hetfield, L. Ulrich, D. Mustaine)

Yes it appears Dave didn't contribute any lyrics. :rolleyes:

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