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AC/DC Album Battle

James Bond

Which album do you like better?  

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FOTS fuckin' cranks much better than many seem to know tracks 3-6 are as killer as anything in the AC/DC catalouge and it's one of thier most consistent albums . Fly is cool too , My fav is Playing with Girls , very "tough" thuggish sound .

Peace GnR Nation B)

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Now I may get flamed to high hell for this, but I just can't stand Flick of the Switch :unsure:

Then I suggest you go listen to Flick Of The Switch or Nervous Shakedown again my friend -- because they're two of my all time AC/DC favourites.

However - Fly On The Wall has it's share of classic tracks too - Where would we be without Shake Your Foundations, The title track -- Or my personal favourite - Sink the Pink. Fuck I love the name of that one!

Eh - I love them both, despite the shoddy production -- But my vote goes out to Flick of The Switch.

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I'm not sure what you guys mean by "cheesy quality" , I don't think it sounds like those other 80's "metal" albums , maybe it's just those videos that come to mind . :lol:;) . First Blood and Playin' with Girls sounds tough as hell .

Peace GnR Nation B)

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