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Is the new Queens album any good?


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The last album by the Queens of the Stone Age was "Songs for the Deaf," a frenetic collection of the hardest kind of rock. It was a thrilling, visceral experience, not one soon forgotten. Then nude bassist Nick Oliveri departed from the band, taking the wilder edge of the band with him. Oh, what would become of the Queens of the Stone Age?

from amazon.com

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i have it .. it rocks.. but not as good as songs for the death..


Anyway, it's completely different from old QOTSA stuff, alot of weird stuff on there, but it's good nonetheless.

I'd give it 4/5

oops.. thanks for correcting..

i agree that it has wierd stuff..

i cant hear shirley manson or brody dalle in "You Got a Killer Scene There, Man..." ... can anyone else?

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