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Poison rumor dead?


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This is from Today's Metal Sludge....I thought CKY were being bitches originally, but read this!!!!!:

Well, maybe not yet, but this is close enough for us. Check out this email we got from CKY's Deron Miller. This just came in this afternoon.

wanted to let you know i was hanging out with Axl at the GNR after party in columbus, OH and he told me he read my 20 questions and got a kick out of it. that was also the night we were told CKY was booked for the rest of the tour until january 3rd. my metal-sludge 20 questions may have influenced a part of that decision and i just wanted to say thanks for the oppurtunity. we're in albany and im wearing an MS shirt tonight. rock on


Axl read our 20 Questions and we might have influenced him to keep CKY on the tour! That's pretty cool. So if you're a band and want to get a huge tour, email us and maybe we'll do 20 Questions with you and change your life. At this pace we'll have the Wild Boyz on the next greedahollica tour.

Hey Axl, if you're out there, why not do 20 Questions with us? Of course we'd need to see your resume and find out what you've accomplished, but if it all checks out, we'll get back with ya. Thanks for understanding.

Metal Sludge

Sludge Worldwide - Booking Agent Of The Stars

Guys, if he did a twenty q's with the Sludge, it would be the most interesting and revealing and hilarious interview he's ever done......fingers crossed


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