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www.blacklist40.com www.myspace.com/blacklist40 www.purevolume.com/purevolume ok, as you probably know now, their name is Blacklist 40, and they're a local band that goes to my school. Now don't leave and say, aww fuck it, they're a local band from the other side of the country (or wherever).They have a very talented guitar player, who writes some great riffs, and some great lyrics. They're all really cool guys, and I designed their album cover, front and back, and some fliers. They would really appreiate anybody checking them out and whatnot. they put on a great live show, and all their shows are really fun, and you might get some free music and whatnot, they're trying to get rid of some unmixed/unmastered versions of their album.

if you like them, live around here, and wanna catch them live, you missed one hell of a show last friday, but you can check out their site for all the info on upcoming shows.

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I'm sure you'll write a "classic" at some point! :)


this isn't my band, its a few of my friends bands, and yeah, the quality is great, they recorded it for free, their drummers neighbor is in the buisness and he did it for free, which saved them tons of $$$

Yes, but you should write the songs for them. The songwriter always makes the money and you can then command them from afar, like a "puppet king", whilst raking in the greenbacks.

Trust me. Look at New Kids on the Block - half of them are penniless now, the other half merely enjoying limited success in Pantomime.

EDIT: I'm sure THEY'LL write a classic soon!! :D

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