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Vote For GNR!


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Ok, this is very important....

A Sydney radio station is doing a countdown of the top 1000 rock songs of all time. Now i need you  all to go along and vote. Very important!

Now if i can suggest to vote for "Sweet Child O Mine" becuase it will / should be the highest ranking GNR song and it would be good to see them at number 1.

The URL is:


just enter in your details as it says, but it might be an idea not to put your "suburb" or location since they will catch on that you are not from australia! hahaa

Anyways, cheers, and thanks!

;D :D;):):o 8) ::) :-*

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that was a (harmless and meaningless if you were going to refer to the izzy/dizzy thing) joke by the way so dont take too much offence at it..

But i would of voted for estranged but you see i know that it has doubt even making it on that list, so i dont wan t to waste it. Our efforts are best used comparitively so that we get the highest possible position, and scom will receive the highest in this poll so thats why i suggested it.

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