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Your Cleveland Show


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Damn I'm sure glad I don't live in Vancouver or Detroit.

CKY-Showed up after they were on.  From what I've read, didn't miss much

Mike Master Mike-  Crowd was actually into him throughout pretty much the whole set.  Crowd especially like "Seek and Destroy" by Metallica.

GNR- Awesome, Awesome, Awesome.  Same as always set list.  The band was flawless and Axl didn't miss a note.  Mixed up beginning lyrics to "My Michelle" but otherwise absolutly amazing.  


Axl-Red Ohio State Jersey, Cleveland Brown Jersey, Cleveland Indian Jersey

Buckethead:  Blue one piece workers suit w/ cape

Robin- White suit, with small black tie.  (Really weird)

Brain- T-Shirt, hat

Tommy- Checkered Suit

Richard-Black Mesh shirt, pants

Dizzy- White post office button up shirt

Chris- White T-Shirt

Axl REALLY good mood all night.  Talked about Buckeyes and how he thought it was appropriate to wear the jersey.  Said Columbus looked like he'd already been there (Columbus is where Ohio State plays.  They beat Michigan on Saturday and big riots happened).  Said he had Daja Vu.  Talked to the security guys.  He asked on guy if he was having a good time cuz he didn't look happy.

At the beginning of Piano Solo started playing some song and sang "I'm an a$$hole.....o wait that's not the right song"

Axl called Dizzy the "king of beers"

New stuff sounded awesome and went over great.  They all blew me away but I was surprised at how awesome Chinese Democracy was

We sat on the floor and security was always walking around.  Earl passed me.  I sat on the aisle and big black dude walked by and I turned around and he had a walkie-talkie labeled earl.

However, my friend was still able to snap about 10 pictures so when they are developed and if they look good I'll find a way to get em up.

Awesome Awesome Awesome show.  I didn't even mind spending $105 in merchandise

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Well the concert at Gund Arena was PERFECT!!!!


Everything went smooth! Just like I hoped!!! He was in a really good mood! Which made everything even better altogether!!

He wore all the teams of ohio's football baseball, which was cool!

I rather of heard more Axl, then the dragging of mixmaster mike, but it was worth the wait!

Axl cracked a few jokes about people gambling on him, and them coming out here to see the new band, which was cool of him to have humor about it all.

Then several minutes into the show, you could smell POT! big time!! Axl makes a remark, sniffs in his mike, and says, "Doesn't smell like cigarettes"!! LOL

I thought someone was blowing pot out the fog machines it was so strong!!

The fireworks and pyro was awesome. The lead guitars were perfect. I don't have any complaints at all, except I didn't get an autograph! Maybe someday!

If anyone knows what buckethead was passing out! Write it on here or email me!

There was also alot of boob showing, which was a treat! lol Anyone that was showing there boobs on the big screen, write me! lol  ; )

Hope all of you that could go and that are real fans, enjoyed it! I know I did, and will probably go the the PA concerts or anyones I can.


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 He passed out a sponge bob keychain and 2 guys sitting in front of me wearing kfc buckets on their heads got action hero toys. Alien, and some other moster. I was sitting second row to the left of stange where bucket passed out his toys.

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I have been a GnR fan for about 15 years now and this was my first opportunity to see them perform. I splooged and got 2nd row tickets and fuck were they worth every penny.


Arrived to Gund Arena around 5:30 doors opened at 6:00. First one through the doors in my section. I heard one of the head surcirty quards talking to the gate keepers. That there will be zero tolerance of underage drinking or drug use. Walked around and got the an idea of what kind of people where going to be their. (very few people bout around 7:00 things started to fill up)

Total count

2-small people

A few freaks

Several Rednicks

Several hot pieces of ass. Nothing better than seeing a hot lady with a GNR shirt cut to show off her clevage.:)

CKY- fucken horrible if it wasnt for Jackass these guys would still be playing at Tony Hawk street parks They blew I listened to the 1st couple of songs then went to get something to eat and some beer.

MixMaster- This guy is so fucking talented it takes so much talent for someone to scratch. It was way to long though the crowd seemed to enjoy it..

Break before Guns.

Titties everywhere!! Gotta love it how time flies when you see hooters being flashed. Security was getting very tight.


Lights drop and the curtain falls darkness and then you hear the riff of WTTJ place goes nuts.

I'll keep the GNR review to a minimal with others already posting.

I agree Axl was in a fucking awesome mood and his voice was amazing. The sound problems seemed to be fixed from past shows. Axl had a few problems with My Michelle but that will happen in a live performance. I was so impressed with the guitars, Bucket can wail, Richard is nutz, and Finch blew me the fuck away with SCOM. The blues sounded amazing and Madagascar put a lump in a throat. I'm still pumped these guys know how to rock.  I liked the stage setup and the pyro and confetti added some excitement.

Any questions feel free to ask. My mind is going a million miles an hour. Day 1 down next is Columbus Monday night. I'll post on it when i get back from the show.

Rock on Gunners

Chinese Democracy has started!

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Mega_Music! Thanks for the info!

Yes security was very tight! That's for sure! When we first got there, and showed our tickets through the gate, I was pulled aside because I brought my Wendys cup inside with me! After they pulled me aside, they asked me to get rid of it.

Then later when I went to buy some water, the cashier said I couldn't have the bottle the water came in! lol! so she put the water in a seperate cup! I'm not sure if this was because of the previous riots, terrorists, or something altogether different. I was like, "I can't have my bottled water bottled, in the bottle I just bought for $3.25"!? She's like, Not at this concert!!! No container or lids of any kind!!! LOL

Then, I couldn't stop laughing at the guards everytime I went to the restroom, or to get something to drink, because they were up your ass from the time you walked from one point, to another! It was crazy!

I wasn't so thrilled about seeing CKY either, I guess the band itself can play alright, but the singer pretty much sucks. Theres not much talent there, when every song sounds the very same. I wonder what made this lineup for opening acts, come to surface!? I think It would of been cool to see Audioslave open, just because their a new band formed of old bands.  Mixmaster is good, and kept the crowd alive, but that eventually started to sound the same after awhile. The stage setup was cool for his gig.

Far as where we were sitting, we were at the club level row 22, right on the sides of the stage up one level. Right accross from you to your right. I saw those buckethead fans the whole time that were in front of you! That was cool!

Yes you had perfect seats alright! I would of definetly bought seats there, but friends of mine already had bought the tickets for us, and  I didn't have to pay for them either. So it would of been sort of prick to go with someone else, buy other tickets and sit up front, even though I wanted too! Our seats had a great visual of the entire stage, it was good! I was happy with them anyway!

Yes the new songs were fantastic! They played perfect, and people were dancing to them, so that's good vibes for the album and radio play!

I wish I was still there! I hope the rest of his concerts go just as well as they did tonight!!!

This is for sure MM! Axl has let the people know....Chinese Democracy has started!!!

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Ok, first of all I have to say that the show kicked ass.  Axl's voice was better than I expected, but it still wasn't as good as it used to be.  He still has some serious screaming ability, though.  Thing is, it seemed like at least once during every song he ran backstage, and I'm guessing it was to get oxygen.  It was sort of annoying that even during the encore--Paradise City--he left the stage two or three times.

The new band sounds good, though I don't like Robin's solos.  He sounded awful on Patience and especially November Rain.  Buckethead was good, though his solo was way, way too long.

I can't remember the order of all the songs, though I know they started with Jungle, It's so Easy, Mr. Brownstone, Heaven's Door, and Live and Let Die.  They finished with Patience, Chinese Democracy, Nightrain, and Paradise City.  The other new songs they played were Madagascar and The Blues.

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Scotty, what merchandise did you buy?  I'm really interested in getting the soccer jersey.  How did it look?  Do they have it in XXL?  I'm going to the Tampa and West Palm Beach shows.  I can't wait!

I bought two t-shirts, 2 shot glasses, and a bandana.  Yeah the jerseys looked cool (soccer and  basketball) and they do have it in xxl i believe

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i am so glad to see that the fans are loving the shows!! it is so much better to hear what people who actually listen to the band have to say rather than the critics who show up only because their editors made them! ;)

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