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AXL ROSE radio interview before AUBURN concert


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Cool interview.

For those who didn't take the time to listen, here are some of the highlights:

- At the MTV awards, he said security was so tight, he had trouble getting past them to get into the building.

"The day of the show, they wouldn't let us go down the street. So l had to get out of the car, run past police . They're telling me I have to stop. I'm telling them "well, I have to sing."  And the best part is as I'm running down the street, I had to run past all the people lined up to get in the building, and they're going "Hey there goes Kid Rock." ... " ....  :D ;D

He said "Everything tends to go wrong in my world.."

- Axl said he hasn't been hiding away. He just tries to avoid places where a lot of media/photogs would be.

"There are others who would do that. But it's just not my world."

He added, "I just don't tend to promote myself on every little thing until there's some kind of product or something to put out that I think is worth it."

- Axl said it took some time to get Buckethead and Finck to get on the same wavelength. He then talked a bit about the past. -- saying how difficult it was when he tried to get Zak and Slash to work together.

..  "it was fun to watch. It was like watching a giant snake with a tarantula." ...

- He talked about the old band members and how they were more interested in playing smaller venues than big stadiums.

".. None of them really wanted to do the big shows.  From day one, Izzy wanted to be the size of Ramones and do 2,000 seaters. Other guys had to be on so many substances to deal with that crowd. I mean, to his credit, Slash could play great guitar on a lot of drugs. But there's a reason you would be that whacked out to be on stage....

- He talked about the rocky start to the tour -- the cancelled Vancouver gig.

".. It got started off exceptionally weird -- you know, GNR style."

- Axl's comments on the album's release:

"I'm not skeptical on the 'if' (it will be released), " but the 'when' is  more difficult to predict."  He said he's had to take on many jobs that he didn't in the past:

... I've had to be manager, A&R man, producer, sole lyric writer ..."    Whereas, in the past, he said, Guns N' Roses was more of a "collaborative effort."

- He plans to release the record and then some "extra tracks." Then a second record will come out a year later and a third a year after that.

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I've had to be manager, A&R man, producer, sole lyric writer

 WAIT a Sec didn't Dizzt and Pitman write a few Songs in fact i rememeber Axl giving credit to them for Silkworms , This isn't really a big deal though and I don't mean to overanalyze  ;)


  Peace GnR Nation  8)

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yes they wrote silkworms and Dizzy has written a bunch of different parts on the new songs. It is all very much a collaboration with the song writing. I think he is talking about the recording and producing part of the album.

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it is to get their live shows sounding more like albums that were recorded in studio previously, where slash would go over the same parts for overlapping sound...

i think nighttrain in tacoma proved that it works

now lets see what buckethead and fink can pull off in the studio :D

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I like the new songs except silkworms but the best part of that interview is near the end when asked about the new songs they were playing/working on that axl said he's holding the big guns back till the cd comes out. Better songs then the blues, CD, Rhiad and madagascar I can't wait.

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