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What amp will get me that Slash sound?


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wouldn't slash have recorded AFD before the jubilee came out? That means the jubilee may not necessarily your best bet for nailing his tone. All the resources I've seen about AFD indicate that he used a rented plexi named stock #39, which was basically the original of the 1959SLP but with a gain mod. Apparently Slash loved it so much he tried to buy this amp, and when they refused to sell it to him he claimed it was stolen so he wouldn't have to give it back. Unfortunately they found out, so Slash wouldn't have had much luck finding the guy who performed the mod, as the shop would have been unlikely to help him after that.

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The JCM 800 Lead Series. The Slash signature amp and cab were from the 800 lead series range, plus they were the last hand made model Gibson ever produced... can be expensive though.

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