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New Weezer Album


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I just d/led the entire album and I must say it surprisingly is great; totally different from all their previous material. It's better in all categories and the songs are deeper felt and have more musicality. Good job Weezer on stepping up in the rock world. Everyone should give this thing a listen.

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The album is due out May 10, but if you can d/l it now online if you want. I think if you were a fan of "American Idiot" by Green Day last year then you'll love this album. By that, I don't mean the album is political, because it's not, I'm just saying it has a similar feeling.

I've now heard 3 of the albums I've been highly anticipating so far this year; Nine Inch Nails, The Gorillaz, and Weezer. So far, I actually have to say Weezer's is by far the best, and I totally wasn't expecting it. I'm not saying that the other two albums are bad though. They're both actually very very good. Weezer's album, in my opinion, is just that good. Coming up soon on my list; Limp Bizkit, Coldplay, Oasis, Robert Plant, and Audioslave.

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