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Axl radio interview!


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Its fucking cool! No big news.. Dont seem like the album is gonna be done just jet..

Quote of the interview: :)

Interviewer: So are you playing any new songs?

Axl yea, we are playing like 4-5.. We are holding the big guns back..

Interviewer: Really?

Axl Oh yea..!

Something like that anywayz..

He seems very happy with his new songs.. I am thinking we will be hearing some instanst classics "soon".. :D

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firstly no , i dont like axl bashing the old guys, and secondly i didn't say i did just here.

I liek hearing what axl has to say about the old guys becuase it gives me and others an idea of wear he is coming from

and thirdly, he didn't really bash the old guys out. All he said was that slash didn't want the songs he wrote for snakepit for GNR...

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