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Hahah lately ive been coming on here n other gnr forums n been like  :o

Seeing all these new threads and not knowing what to do..... It's all too much.... Shows on every second night... its crazy!

And i just finished skool aswell... i dont do anything lol... still cant keep up  :P

Ahhh it's all to much i say! *Looks out window* The moon is like orange.... Cool

Anyways.... ive had my little bitch about nothing.. ahhh ignore me  ;D

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I know what you mean. I dont know whether its good or bad that we cant keep up! haha

Remember like 3 or so years ago before the 2000 / 2001 vegas gigs....

To come to this stage now where there is a concert every second night...... Its such a huge turnaround...

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