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Pittsburgh was not the pitts on Friday


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a brief rundown of the show:

CKY - I won't waste my time on them.

MMM - really good, but played a long time.  the band was late as usual.

GNR - took stage around 10:45.  Crowd was getting anxious after more than a half hour of titshots.



its so easy


live and let die


think about you



out ta get me


november rain

buckethead solo

rocket queen



chinese democracy


paradise city

Axl was in a great mood, making jokes and jumping up and down with the crowd. Best line "How many of you thought we wouldn't show up tonight?" He wore a Bettis jersey to start and switched to Lemieux at SCOM.  

Buckethead did the robot dance all night and gave out toys or something after his solo.

The show was incredible and I've finally been able to put the old band out of my mind for two reasons:

1.  setting eyes on Buckethead for the first time.  he is just fun to watch and amazing to hear.

2.  hearing Robin Finck just totally fucking attack the solo in SCOM, and making it his bitch.

This show will not disappoint anyone who is able to let go of the past and live in the now.

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For all you flavor of t he month subscribers..... the New GNR rock! Yes ladies and gentlemen this band rocks 2002 style.   I mean there is nothing like watching Robin Finck do a Slash impersonation!! Whoowee that f a g can chop it up!. I especially liked it when he did the wobbly drunk hillbilly impersonation complete with stripped socks. I get a such an overwhelming warm fuzzy deep in my  heart warming  knowing that some queer with a f**cked up hair do has stepped into Slashes spot to secure GNR's place in history. The only thing missing is the dangling cigarette and the top hat.    

     Yes folks these old classics are masterfully redone for your listening entertainment. Only the best and newest corporate inceptions for the savvy mp3 pirates of 2003. For all you kiddies out there the new GNR has been nueterd....(castrated) Take away the drugs and the fine a** chicks and all you really have left of the GNR attitude is a few explicit remarks using the word F**ck.  This band will not offend your mother.... in fact your mother probably lost her virginity listening to these songs and according to G- face all you 13 year olds could and should bring your parents along to this fun family event.  

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WTF  rockerman

he's not a fag,  what if i call you a Queer? would you like that, or if i said Sl*sh is a Queer

you're a homofob, for a doc  that you are

exactly. well said!!

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i was there and the show straight f*#king rocked!!  It was kind of weird seeing axl play with an all new band but i'll tell ya, they really are a good group of musicans.  Haha, Finck does a good Slash impersonation, but the guy does have some talent.  the show really kicked ass, and if you get a chance to go see these guys, GO!

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Rockerman, what have you got against Robin ???  He's an amazing musician. I thought he was great in NIN and look forward to seeing him live with GNR.

And this attitude you have now -- I don't get it. You came back from the GNR gig, ranting about how great you thought the new band was. In case you've forgotten what you wrote -- I'll re-post some of it for ya.  ;)

... WERE GOING BACK TO THE JUNGLE!! Moline's GNR stop was the best f$$#@@en show I have ever seen!!INCLUDING 87 and 91 They were good but this was great. !WHEWW blew my skeptical critical heart away. I was expecting T BEST a halfway decent show but from opening notes of Welcome to the Jungle to Paradise City they ended all doubt that the  new reality might not be so bad.   Note for note  the fellas absolutely rocked! ...

Yet, two days later, you're back dissing them again.  What's up?

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saw the guys in london and they were great but does anyone who has seen them recently feel that some of the guitar solos didnt quite hit the mark?im not someone whos critical because the old guys aint there anymore and maybe robin and bucket are putting their own stamp on the songs.i will be interested to hear your views  

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Yes.. The new band has "updated" the songs a bit.. They have made them fit more with the time and they have made them theirs.. They did re-record Appetite so I suppose they actually did some work on the material then aswell..

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good point,this rerecording of appetite confuses me,why did they do it?read somewhere that it was to kill sales of original release and deprive exmembers royalties or it was they had to learn tunes from scratch to play them live anyway so may as well record it.would you buy it gunner fans  

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That about royalties was just tabloid and worst scenario stuff, rumours.. However, I would buy it.. Ofcourse.. :)

I suppose it was for learning as they traded Anything Goes and You`re Crazy for Patience and You Could Be Mine.. Thats the songs they are playing live..

In addition to them its only November Rain, Live And Let Die and Knocking On Heavens Door.. I think..

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I hope Axl doesn't release a re-recorded AFD.

Why mess with perfection? AFD was a masterpiece -- a work of art: Others can try to copy or imitate its style and sound, but it will never match the intensity and rawness of the original.  

Also, I think releasing a re-recorded version would be insulting and disrespectful to the original members. Just my opinion.  

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I guess no one read that article... Axl said they re-recorded it so the current members could get a better feel for the songs... Also, he said he wanted to update a few of the songs to make them a bit more modern like taking out the double bass on the drums and what not... The songs they have played live are a bit different then how they were recorded on AFD.  Sounds fine to me.   ;D   And Axl has not said publicly that he is going to release it... I really doubt they are going to release it... I am sure they aren't even going to master it, as that would be a big waste of $$$ as interscope has now spent over $6 million dollars on this new album.  I don't think they are going to spend a lot on finalizing a new AFD. It was probably a pure demo style rough draft recording to get the new guys down on the new material.

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well these comments on finck are a bit unfair..

I mean this is a perfectly good guitarist who has had the fortunate experience of replacing slash. I mean if you were asked to be in GNR (assuming you were a guitarist) of course you would join. Dont blame finck for your issues. I know exaclty where your coming from but you can exactly blame the guys who are in there now...

And as for re releasing afd. Firstly it would be highly unlikely that it was done for any other reason other than to get the other guys to learn it.

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