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MICHIGAN SHOW............


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I was there tonight .........just got back  ;D Let me say this...... I wasn't sure what to expect from Axl tonight but lemme give you alittle taste of what happened ( my full review will come later)......

Axl voice was perfect! I mean that seriously. I'm not sure what happened to him on MTV but he sounds GREAT. Hes tryin to get that rugged voice back because he sometimes tries it and most of the time he hits it. But there was two DOWNSIDES tonight. One was that Axl didn't get on stage till 10:30!!!!!!! and the other is He FUCKED UP on Patience so he threw the mic like a lil fuckin baby and said " BYE" and that was it !. NO ENCORE!! I love Axl but FUCK!!!!! I paid good money i wanna hear a fucking encore!! He didn't even say THANK YOU GOODNIGHT or anything just BYE! Its not my fault that they fucked up Patience. I didn't care that he did because the show was fuckin GREAT. So thats another one to throw in Axl "THE BABIES" book. Like i said before Axl sounds GREAT .....I just wish he would get his act together. FULL REVIEW TO COME SOON.....

rock n roll FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was at the show last night also.

Axl sounded fantastic, in fact I think his voice was better than the 2 previous times I saw GnR in the early 90s. I think he may be taking better care of himself now than he did back then (less drugs, patrying, ect).

The show started a little late but thats to be expected (around 10:35pm) everything was EXCELLENT until the very end. There was some problems with Patience and Axl was clearly not happy. At the end of Patience he said "Goodnight" and walked off. That was it, no encore, no Paradise City :(

I'm still trying to figure out why the show was cut short.

Some people thought maybe the arena cut them off, there seems to be a local ordinance about concerts not going past Midnight and it was around 12:15 when they walked off.

Overall the show was still great, the new band was excellent. I just wish it had not ended on a bad note.

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yes, in some towns you go to jail if you play past a certain time so quit yer b*tchen.  He probably played to the last seconds, got pissed cause he had to quit and left... sorry he wouldn't go to jail so you couldn' hear paraidse city  ::)

haha i'm sure he didn't leave because of that!..nevertheless amusing.


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