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Interview with L'il GN'R - Part 1

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L'il GN'R are the ultimate GN'R covers band. They are the first ever Guns n'roses kids tribute band and they join the likes of Red Hot Mini Peppers and Toddler Metallica as part of current mini cover rock band scene in the US.

This week, L'il GN'R creator and manager Mark Malkoff speaks to elsewhere. In Part 2 of the interview next week we will speak to the kids.

1) What inspired you to create L'il GN'R

MM) Gnr is my favorite group from when I was a kid. Music of today makes me want to gag and it was infuriating when I went out on the streets of Manhattan and a majority teenagers had never heard of Guns N'Roses. I decided it would be my mission to bring GNr back to a whole new generation. Since then, we've had toddlers and elementary school kids to our shows and they absolutely love the music. We never do any songs with cursing, as well as really bad inuendo ("Mr. Brownstone"). In addition, we changed the line "I used to love her, but I had to kil her" to "I used to love her, but I had to kick her." We get the most hard core GN'R fans to familes. Everyone has a blast.

2) Have you had any feedback from the real GN'R?

MM) Slash and Izzy know of Li'l Gn'r from the insane press the kids have gotten. Also they aired some clips of the kids when Slash did a TV show in Europe. I've heard they think it's funny. Axl, I'm sure, has a much different opinion.

3) What are you opinions on Axl Rose?

MM) Like all mad genius, Axl is hard to understand. I can only hope he comes out of obscurity to open up for Li'l Gn'r when they play The Garden.

4) Are you looking forward to Chinese Democracy coming out?

MM) I tell all the kids they will all be in college by the time Chinese Democracy comes out.

5) What plans do L'il GN'R have for 2005?

MM) Li'l Gn'r is in the process of finishing our comedy short film/tv pilot. It details the auditons, rise to stardom, the Battle of the Bands against Tiny Motley Crue, and so much more. We're also excited to be opening up for Mini-Kiss in June.


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